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Creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen Says the Game Will Return

Creator of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen Says the Game Will Return

The very addictive game, Flappy Bird, which once played by millions of people and enjoyed with a tad of annoyance did leave the app stores. However, the creator, Dong Nguyen has confirmed it will be returning, although he hasn’t given a specific date.

A fan asked Nguyen on Twitter if the game was coming back to the app store, and this was Mr Nguyen’s reply:

“Yes. But not soon,”

“I don’t work by plan. I will release it when it is done,” he added.

The game was removed by Mr Nguyen himself, who claimed the games popularity ruined his simple life.

Flappy Bird was launched in May 2013 and was absolutely free to download. The game required players to tap the screen to keep the bird in flight. The game had simple graphics, but was extremely difficult to play as many users who did play; found it difficult to keep the bird in the air for a few seconds before it would hit an obstacle and fall.

The game did go viral after it was promoted by almost the whole social media users and was also reviewed on a YouTube channel by more than 22million subscribers.

The game was downloaded 50 million times and at the height of its popularity, Mr Nguyen was earning $50,000, which is roughly £30,450 a day for advertising.

This is what Mr Nguyen said at an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this month: he was moved to remove the popular game from the App store after the users wrote to him detailing how the game had destroyed their lives.

After the game was removed, users began to carry out several appeals to have the game returned.

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